Tagmarek magiera



The design of the shell and tube heat exchanger includes a tube-like shell with holes to which an inlet and outlet pipes are welded. Radial and tangential holes are produced manual-ly by means of plasma cutting with the use of specialized tools, which determines high labo-riousness of heat exchangers production. An automatic device is proposed to reduce the laboriousness of this operation. To produce the hole in the heat exchanger shell, two reversible motions are superimposed: linear motion of the cutter along the longitudinal axis of the shell and the shell rotary motion. A mathematical model of the required cutter motion is proposed, which describes the relative trajectories of the plasma cutter and the shell in parametric form. To verify theoretical premises, a prototype of the device was produced using a 3D pro-totyping technology, a ball screw for the reversible linear motion of the cutter and a stepper motor for the reversible rotary motion of the shell. The shell is fixed by means of a collet chuck and rests on the pipe roller support.