About The Journal


Technologia i Automatyzacja Montażu” (Assembly Techniques and Technologies ) is a quarterly e-journal published for over 20 years, dedicated for designers, technologists, production organizers, scientists and students. The scope of the journal includes: designing assembly technological processes, assembly systems, pre-assembly and post-assembly operations, constructions and connection technologies, tools and instrumentation, steering and control, relocation and orientation.

Editorial Board

Editor in Chief – Prof. dr hab. inż. Jerzy Łunarski
Deputy Editor in Chief – Martyna Jachimowicz, PhD
Associated Editor – Rafał Kluz, PhD
Associated Editor – Katarzyna Antosz, PhD
Associated Editor – Mirosław Chłosta, PhD

Editorial Office Address

Ratuszowa 11/740 street
03-450 Warsaw, Poland
phone +48 22 853 81 13
fax: +48 22 6192187
e-mail: tiam@sigma-not.pl


Sieć Badawcza ŁUKASIEWICZ – Instytut Mechanizacji Budownictwa i Górnictwa Skalnego
Racjonalizacji 6/8 street, 02-673 Warsaw, Poland

Wydawnictwo Czasopism i Książek Technicznych SIGMA-NOT Spółka z o.o.
Ratuszowa 11 street, 03-450 Warsaw, Poland
National Court Register Number (KRS): 0000069968
Tax Identification Number (NIP): 524-030-35-01

A publication in “Technologia I Automatyzacja Montażu” is awarded 20 points according to the list of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

All scientific manuscripts are subject to double blind peer review.