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“Technologia i Automatyzacja Montażu” (Assembly Techniques and Technologies) is a quarterly e-journal published for over 20 years, dedicated for designers, technologists, production organizers, scientists and students. The scope of the journal includes: designing assembly technological processes, assembly systems, pre-assembly and post-assembly operations, constructions and connection technologies, tools and instrumentation, steering and control, relocation and orientation.

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The aim of the present article is to present the design concept of a specialized device for mixing and applying adhesives (one and two-component ones) intended for unit production or laboratory use. The paper presents the initial assumptions of the device design, such as the type of production, application method and adhesive properties. Technological requirements for the adhesive mixing and applying device were enumerated. The technological requirements will include the characteristics of the method of adhesive application. The construction requirements of the designed device are also presented. The design of this device has been presented in the form of a 3D model, made with use of the SolidEdge software. The advantages and limitations of the concept of the designed device were also presented.

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